Wood, wood and more wood!

It’s wood, wood and more wood on the Union site this week. For the next few weeks, crews will continue to work on rough carpentry as well as plumbing and electrical rough in.

Rough in refers to the period of time after framing, when electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems are brought into the building. But, rough in means something slightly different for each trade.

For electricians, rough-in means that all electrical cables have been pulled through studs and framing and are inserted into wall and ceiling boxes. In the final stages of the project, electricians will return to attach and install light switches, outlets, lights and other electrical needs.

For plumbers, rough-in means that all water supply and drain pipes have been run through prepared holes in the studs and other framing and ensure that all pipe connections have been made. In later stages of the project, the plumbers will return to install sinks, faucets and other fixtures and end elements to complete their work!