Starting the Finishes

It’s time to begin the finishes!

The East building is starting finishes: from stucco and exterior paint and tile to interior cabinets, doors, and wall textures. We are excited to welcome the elevators and clean power to the building in the upcoming month! The West Building is getting close to framing completion and will have a roof by the new year.

Chasse Union on 6th and the 4th Ave Association have partnered together to create an interactive tunnel for pedestrians to leave their mark. The tunnel walls are painted with chalk paint and chalk is available for anyone passing through to leave a positive message to their community and neighbors.

In the next few weeks
The mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire sprinkler trades are working frivolously to allow for drywall prep to begin in the units. Stucco application is beginning on the East building with Tyvek almost complete on both buildings. Tucson power meters and the elevators are being prepped for install in the next few weeks. Our next milestone will be the completion of the East building exterior skin.