Paintstock: Where Color, Creativity and Construction Combine

Colorful. Creative. Eclectic.

These words are only the tip of the iceberg detailing what 4th Avenue is all about in Tucson, Arizona. Between small shops and local restaurants, construction is underway for a new apartment building on Fourth Avenue.

The Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition, formed by local businesses, nonprofits and neighborhood associations, hosted Paintstock described as “a day of art, love, and Tucson unity” on August 18th – the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock music festival. Partnering with the developers for the new Union on 6th building and the coalition behind the event, CHASSE provided a BBQ meal for all the artists and volunteers. More than 20 artists spent the day painting murals on giant canvases that adorned the chain-link construction fence surrounding the project site.

The murals weren’t just created by professional artists, but community members too! Two canvases were reserved for kids as well as a “Thumbs Up Tucson” canvas, designed to involve the whole community. Using only thumbprints, hundreds of the community members made their mark on a famous Tucson sunset. Paintstock provides a little color to the project site while keeping Tucson’s identity of art, creativity, and community alive!