Moving on to Mock-Ups

As we make progress and move closer to completion on this project, one of our focuses this month will include preparing for a mock unit walk. In a mock-unit walk, one of the units will be completely finished and used as the standard for the rest of the building. 

The crane will be coming down soon as we get ready to install the elevators. Clean power is being pushed to energize the East Building as soon as possible. Drywall is only a couple of levels away from closing up most of the walls in the building.

Next Milestones
In the next few weeks, we expect to have TEP energize the building and wrap up the east building exterior finishes as well as completing area 1A and the level 2 units completed.

About this Project
Union on 6th is located on the Historic 4th Avenue, a popular strip of local shops and restaurants that attract a scene of community members on a normal basis. With its unique collection of shops, Union on 6th will include retail on level 1 that faces the streets, contributing to the culture of this area that Tucson loves so much. This housing location is prime for the U of A student or the professional working downtown.