Finishing the Finishes

We are chugging along! Scaffolding is coming down while the East Building is being pushed for completion with finishes. The elevators should be wrapping up installation in the next week. Exterior windows are almost finished being installed and the West building is completing gypcrete by the end of the week.

The landscapers have been seen on-site and will be present more regularly in the next few weeks. Almost all trades are on site at this point as it is all hands on deck. Mailboxes will be installed by the end of the month. Signage for the interior will be ready in the next few weeks and exterior signage is in production. The concrete team is back on site to set the sidewalk on 6th street.

We are excited to have local artists come back to the site to update the banners with masks to promote mask-wearing within the community. 

Next Milestone

The next project milestone will be the completion of the East Building.